Popping my webcam cherry!


 Up until a few months ago I was a total webcam virgin. Since then I’ve joined 2 webcam sites and can honestly say it’s been so much fun my only regret is that I didn’t give it a go sooner. I still consider myself a total novice with lots to learn. So this blog is far from any expert opinion but more description of my first encounters in the world of webcamming.


Having spoken to a friend at length, an experienced webcam (and babe station) model well versed behind the camera I asked lots of questions and got quite excited and turned on by the idea. Well i’ve been single a long time and not had any action for ages ... seemed to me I had one of the best credentials to bring to bring to this vocation; my seriously starved but rampant libido!


The first site I joined was Adultwork. Wasn’t the best start haha..... I was so nervous I didn’t realise that I had failed to actually log in properly. So there I sat for well over half an hour all dolled up staring at an empty chat room.... face palm! Once that blip was behind me I enjoyed a really fun first night talking to mostly lovely guys who showered me in adoring compliments.


My initial bookings were varied to say the least.... first I had a discussion about the old hit series “Monkey magic” pmsl.... what a sweetheart he was for humouring me, next I got to greedily use both my vibrators at the same time which quite handily hit 3 erogenous zones simultaneously; my asshole, my g-spot and my clit... with a bit of filthy talk thrown in for good measure... and last but not least of my first and favourite encounters to show the soles of my feet while simultaneously pretending to sneeze. I felt I had been initiated at this point haha.


“Gis a twirl”

At the beginning i’m so fresh to this... I’m happy to appease the ‘give us a twirl’ brigade but after a few months experience behind me it’s increasingly obvious there’s a high correlation with this request and ‘time wasters’. Nevertheless, I try to keep in mind that some maybe genuine. I’ve only been doing this short time and don’t want to develop a hard edged presumptuous attitude but I can well imagine after a year how annoying it could be. I think if genuine guys used the tip feature, even if it’s just 1 or 2 credits before asking the girl for twirls and to bend over etc this would immediately sort those who are genuine from those that have no intention whatsoever of going onto a booking but just simply want a free show. More often my experience has been that guys who make a webcam session booking just jumped straight in and booked. I can’t remember a single genuine client asking for a prerequisite twirl before making their booking. 


“Look at my cam”

Ahhh ...This request pops up a lot! Many guys plead/beg for you to look at their cam to admire their ‘10inch throbbing hard cock.’ Some come up with all kinds of ingenious stories to persuade you. Lol. They are not booking you and therefore not paying you. Hell yeah, why not ? I’ve got nothing better to do with my time than worship your cock FOR FREE to give you your jollies. Really? lol......Errr No... Not really!


More recently I joined a second webcam site, American based Internet Modelling. I’m immediately struck by how different the sites are. The layout for a start is both visually and operationally different. On adult work I have seen up to 8 people in my room at one time but honestly it's more typical there is between 1 and 3 people for me. But with the internet modelling I see easily over 100 people are viewing my cam. The layout makes it much easier for any user to flick between cams to watch. This produces very different results for how business is done.


The guidance given by adult work was not to fall for people requesting a “quick flash” or “free show” on the promise of tips as these are scams. As a newbie to the world of webcamming I took this advice on board and carried it with me to Internet modelling.

It was immediately obvious this had little relevance here at I.M. The girls were pretty explicit in their performances on the public free cam. It became clear these girls were earning mostly from the tips .... bearing in mind there’s probably over 100 people watching them at any given time so small tips from many people could go a long way! In contrast for the short time i’ve been on adult work I rarely see the tip feature being used. Perhaps that reflects cultural differences too. Admittedly us Brits don’t tend to tip in the same fashion as our American cousins.


Speaking candidly, Internet Modelling site seems more cut throat, explicit and competitive. You can see how many people are watching other peoples cams and these are listed in order of popularity. It’s very easy as a girl or boy to access a performers’ camera and since you’re only 1 in a large number it feels comfortable to do so. So for a curious new girl like me who is interested in what the top performers are up to, it’s nice to be able to do this without feeling like you’re intruding in their space.


Adult work is totally different because you really stand out as a female performer when accessing another female performers’ webcam. Your name would be the giveaway especially when there are likely a couple in the room most times for me. Personally I don’t really mind when girls come in my room. Some have thanked me for not kicking them out lol and added that some girls do take a policy kicking out any performing girls coming in for a snoop.

Overall, I’ve had a good experience with both so far but I am really glad I joined adult work first because as a new webcam model there is less pressure to be like everybody else and you can just be yourself. Not everybody wants the overly rehearsed ‘porn star cum slut’ experience.... some guys on adult work simply want to engage with a natural and unspoilt girl next door type. The smaller numbers are not a bad thing either.... it makes it more personal and friendly, leading to quality bookings with clients who love to talk, play and really get to know you personally. For me, i've found this to yield wonderful bookings with clients I have a real laugh with and genuinely look forward to seeing again. I’ve also found i’ve earnt substantially far more from Adultwork than IM.


Internet modelling maybe more impersonal simply because it’s greater in numbers for those viewing you but that allows the possibility of a HIGHER VOLUME of guys to just TIP SMALL amounts while still leaving the lady potentially well remunerated. In theory this is a great idea, potentially keeping both sides happy because the owners have succesfully secured high traffic. With such big numbers guys dont have to spend a lot to get a great show and girls can get paid from many guys tipping very small amounts.  I haven’t been on IM very long but unfortunately my experience so far has been one where i’ve witnessed the girls working pretty darn hard in public but too many guys abuse the room to simply demand a free show. One thing I will say I have gained from IM is that I found I opened myself up more to become more bold, outrageous and creative with my performances quite early on. As i’m enjoying both and I get something different from each site to suit my mood I hope to stick around and hopefully you’ll come join me? You can find me as LucyAsianPinup on Adultwork and LucyNewcammer on InternetModelling X