The Mistress Experience

I’ve never been one for long term relationships. Not the regular garden variety anyway. They always start off great, packed with promise, lust and erotic excitement. But as daily life sets in, predictability follows and before I know it I’m constantly horny, masturbating and fantasising about sex with everybody... anybody...except my partner. And then it hits me... I’ve fallen into the dreaded 'platonic relationship'... still a friendship but a sexually dead in the water relationship. The beginning of the end!


I much prefer the salacious role of the mistress. Unlike a regular long term relationship where your lives become so entwined you spend most of your days together, the mistress experience is delightfully intermittent... a very special treat to look forward to and fantasize about in between rendezvous.


A bit like being in the first throws of lust when you’re in a new relationship...That strong desire you have to impress your date with every detail of your appearance and character. The wow factor dress, stunning lingerie, silk seamed stockings and suspenders, alluring perfume,  tanned cocoa buttered body, killer heels, manicured nails, softly spoken, and attentive to their every spoken and unspoken word to learn more about them and their deeper desires. Not seeing each other all the time keeps things fresh, exciting and interesting.


In return the discerning gentlemen may wish to spoil his mistress, organising romantic trips away at stunning locations, candle lit dinners and showering her in luxury and beautiful gifts. For those lucky to afford this luxury, longer dates allow for a more natural unrehearsed experience.


In this day and age of instant everything, the mystery you get from taking your time, unrushed and unscripted has not lost its appeal. Slowly teasing, enticing and seducing each other. Instant is great but it’s no substitute for the intoxicating feeling you get from a slow burn passionate connection.

The role of mistress experience fits me perfectly. I like to get to know my clients well and nurture the chemistry so our encounters, like a fine wine get more daring, adventurous and pleasurable over time.